Administrative Tools - DistinctCRM Premium

Essential modules to secure your DistinctCRM setup, customize login page, email & data tracking are just a few things you can do with these modules.

Enhanced User Security

This module is designed to enforce proper security standards. Our module will allow us as your administrator to force users to change their passwords every xx days, and implements secure password rules (one lower/upper case, number, special character).

In addition, it tracks successful and failed logins, and locks users after number of incorrect logins. It has built in capabilities to restrict user logins to one IP address, only allowing to login on one device.

Key features that make unique:

  • Provides Enhanced Security for Users
  • Locks users after X incorrect logins to prevent unauthorized logins.
  • Forces user to change password every XX days
  • Enforces strict password policy
    • At least one Upper Case
    • At least one Lower Case
    • At least one Number
    • At least one Special Character (! @ # % ^ & * ? . ,)
  • Tracks all users’ login activity
  • Forces User to login from one computer at a time (Optional)
  • Restricts user login to only one IP address (Optional)
  • Allows to specify session expiration time (Optional)

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Data Export Tracking

This module allows us to have the ability to track any export or data copy initiated from DistinctCRM. It tracks exports from Lists, Reports, Scheduled Reports as well as copying data using “CTRL+C” or Mouse (Right Click > Copy).

It can be configured to immediately notify (via email) us of the initiated export and then turn around and notify you. In addition, each export/copy is logged and available for us to see and download the exported/copied records (and allows you to have verification whoever did).

Key features that make unique:

  • Enables us as your system administrator to track any data that is being copied/exported
  • Logs each attempt of an export/data being copied
  • Supports tracking on List View Exports (More > Export)
  • Supports tracking on Standard & Scheduled Report Exports
  • Supports Copy (CTRL + C) and Mouse (Right Click + Copy)
  • Immediately notifies us of the initiated export with ability to download exported records
  • Supports Email Notifications
  • Allow us with a list of all exports by user, date, type and option if you desire to have this sent to you.

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Email Tracking

This module enables emails sent via workflow or manually to be tracked, and records when the email was opened and how many times. It allows to trigger follow up notifications (emails to customers or notifications to DistinctCRM agents) based on date/time the email was opened.

It uses a custom module to create a record every time the email is open, which allows users to create reports and see emails open per day/month, emails open per subject/campaign & more.

Key features that make unique:

  • Records the emails sent using Workflows
  • Records the emails sent manually
  • Tracks when the sent email is opened and how many times
  • Allows to trigger follow up emails based on when & how many times initial email was opened
  • Supports workflow and manual emails
  • Integrates with Standard Reports
  • Advanced Reporting & grouping (still being developed)

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Multi-User Assignment

The only way to assign a record to multiple users is to create a group manually. However, with this module, the groups can be developed automatically as you create a record. This module includes a special field which has a list of all the users. As you select the users, it starts gathering a group and assigns it to the record. It’s a perfect way to give access to multiple users of a single record without compromising permissions.

Key features that make unique.

  • Includes a Multi-Select User field which contains the complete list of all active users
  • Creates a dynamic group based on the selected users
  • Designed not to create duplicate groups for the same group of people (it actually avoids duplication)
  • Intelligent enough to delete unused groups as the group members are unassigned from the team
  • Supports custom “Assigned To” field (secondary field for notifications)
  • Allows ‘hover’ and full mode editing
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

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