Off-the-shelf CRM solutions are not always able to deal with particular business specifications. In such cases, you need a unique application that can quickly be personalized to fit your needs.

Benefits Of Using Customized CRM Applications

Every company will have their own processes to handle client information and managing that information. But, when they buy new programs, they might have to make some changes to these processes in order to better incorporate and manipulate the recently available features and choices.

Because most programs are made with a fixed framework, the designers of these CRM solutions believe that customers will adjust to the specifications they require.

Using a Personalized CRM Program Application!

The same happens with a CRM solution. Most CRM programs, such as DistinctCRM have common modules, features and options. Customers are required to adjust to that and then create necessary changes to whatever processes they have been following so far. With our solution, we actually will do this as part of our service (no extra charge).

This may cause to a lot of misunderstandings and loss of useful worker time. For example, the program might be using a particular framework for gathering client information, which happens to be different from the one the company has been using. There might not be an choice in the CRM program to modify or personalize this framework according to the organization’s needs.

This signifies that the business will now have to make some changes to the process they have used for potentially years, and connect these changes to all workers etc… This is something many companies want to prevent and for this reason, they are willing to pay for choosing a tailor-made CRM customization or have a module built. With our solution and service, we actually help with customization at no extra expense (see if others would do that for you). Truly a differentiator. And our price point is better than many CRM solutions on the market not even doing this customization.






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