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These modules help you automate workflows, boost efficiency and reduce double data entry. Customized notifications, real time field formulas, macros are just few of the features below to automate your business.

Field Auto Pre Fill

This module is designed to eliminate repetitive data entry when creating related records. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a contact from within organization and not have to re-enter Office Phone, Fax, Address, etc…?

Well, with Field Autofill, it’s now possible. We will work with you on an intuitive mapping of fields from one module to another.

Key features that make unique:

  • Works with Most Related List & Related Fields
  • Automatically pre-fills all types of fields (Text, Numeric, Currency, Picklist, Multi-select, Checkbox, Phone, Email, Date, etc.)
  • Works with Full & Quick Create views
  • We work with you on the customizability to specify the mapping for each transition
  • Allows to disable “Overwrite Popup”
  • Overrides existing auto-fill mapping with this module

List of Conversions/Auto-fills Available (Partial list – Currently supports ALL Modules/Linkages)

  • Organizations to Contacts
  • Organizations to Opportunities
  • Organizations to Quotes
  • Organizations to Invoices
  • Organizations to Sales Orders
  • Organizations to Tickets
  • Organizations to Service Contracts
  • Organizations to Projects
  • Contacts to Opportunities
  • Contacts to Quotes
  • Contacts to Invoices
  • Contacts to Sales Orders
  • Contacts to Tickets
  • Contacts to Purchase Orders
  • Quotes to Invoices
  • Quotes to Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders to Invoices
  • Service Contracts to Tickets
  • Vendors to Purchase Orders
  • Projects to Project Tasks
  • Projects to Project Milestones

Related Record Update (Workflow)

Similar functionality to DistinctCRM Field Autofill, the Related Record Update allows you to update related records using workflows. It is most commonly used where you want to update an address of an organization if the linked contacts’ address has been updated.

Related Record Update allows the ability to create a workflow and map fields to be updated from Contacts to Organizations AND vice versa. It supports custom & standard fields as well as modules.

Key features that make unique:

  • We will work with you to create workflows which will update the linked records as part of the service
  • Supports all 1:1 and m:1 (many to one) linkages e.g. Contacts > Organizations, Tickets > Organizations/Contacts, etc…
  • Integrates with standard workflow in the solution (conditions, workflow tasks)
  • Supports Edit, Create, & Detail Views
  • Performs updates in the background


This module provides users with the function to create predefined actions (workflows) and trigger them from the record Detail/Summary View – with just a single click. It enables a “Macrosbutton(Trigger) and indication icon when the macro has been executed.

It is based on the standard workflows and supports all the tasks (Field Updates, Custom Entity Creation, Adding Comments, Sending/Scheduling Emails, Creating Activities & More).

Key features that make unique:

  • Allows to trigger Workflows with a single click
  • Incorporates “Macros” button
  • Runs with workflows & Supports all Standard Workflow Tasks (Field Updates, Emails, Record Creation). We will work with you on workflows as part of our service at no additional cost!
  • Displays all Macros on the Record Detail/Summary View for easy access

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This module allows users to trigger a simple notification using standard workflows & display it in the menu header, which can be easily accessed within a single click. The extension integrates with workflows, which makes it very powerful for any type of notifications/alerts.

Ideally used for reminders and notifications for upcoming activities, open/closed tickets as well as immediate notifications for urgent matters.

Key features that make unique.

  • Supports Contacts, Leads, Organizations, Tickets, Opportunities, Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Projects, Project Tasks, Events &To-do’s.
  • Allows to trigger/show notifications using standard Workflow
  • An easy to access icon to view notifications
  • Basic record information is displayed with ability to click and open it
  • Ability to postpone or “OK” the notification

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Real Time Field Formulas

This module is designed to allow field calculations to be made as you type (on the spot). It displays the formula field results instantly without having to save the record in order to see the calculation result (standard workflow functionality).

It supports standard & custom fields with ability to multiply, divide, add and subtract. Complex calculations are also supported.

Key features that make unique.

  • Supports subtraction, addition, multiplication, & division
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Fields
  • Performs calculations as you enter the field values (on the spot)
  • Supports Edit, Create, & Detail Views
  • Supports all modules

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