Collaboration Tools - DistinctCRM Premium

Get notifications/alerts and collaborate with your team members using a built in chat with document upload, unique rooms, private chats & more.

PopUp Alerts

This module is the easiest yet most efficient way to get across an important note about a record to another User/Group. It comes with the feature that lets you create an alert and link it to a record to be displayed to assigned users or groups.

In addition, popup can be set to show up 1 or “X” times, plus if it should ‘pop‘ or the user should open it manually. Alerts can be deleted, if allowed or can be kept permanently until the Alert creator decides to delete them.

Key features that make our unique:

  • Clearly visible Popup Alerts
  • Unlimited number of Notifications can be added to records
  • Ability to specify to pop or just show an Alert
  • Assign an Alert to “All Users”, Specific User(s) or Group(s)
  • Specify the number of times to pop an Alert
  • Control the permission to delete an Alert
  • Compatible with All Standard Modules

Chat Collaboration

This module allows users to send direct & private group messages, create public channels/chat rooms and keep track of all the communication within DistinctCRM. It’s a great tool for a team looking to collaborate within DistinctCRM.

It works as Instant Messaging chat enabling users to see notifications, archive/leave rooms and respond immediately. Document/Attachment upload/sharing is also supported.

Key features that make unique:

  • Enables users to chat in DistinctCRM (works as IM)
  • (NEW) Ability to link conversation to any record
  • (NEW) Ability to initiate conversation from any record and see history
  • Intuitive “slide in/out” design allows to switch between the chat & record without leaving the page
  • Supports Channels (public to all users)
  • Supports Private Groups & Direct Messages
  • Allows users to Favorite Conversations
  • Allows to Archive the Conversation/room (move to archived list)
  • Allows to Leave the Conversation (completely remove from the list)
  • Supports Document Attachments within Chat/Collaboration Board
  • Supports Search by Room name as well as messages
  • Supports Real-time messaging & notifications
  • Text edit supports bold, italics, underline, font size/color & emoji

Features in the pipeline

  • Text/Email Notifications

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