Win More Deals

Empower your sales teams with tools that teach them more about your customers, make them more efficient, and help them build lasting customer relationships from anywhere in the world.

Contact Management

Contacts and other records in DistinctCRM are easy to search and modify. Open a contact: see all contact information, related notes, call and email communications, campaign engagement histories, documents and so much more in an easy to read and modify views. You will also find any associated records linked on the right for easy access.

Calendar, Events, To Dos and Activites

Be prepared for every appointment

Integrated calendar, activity, and notification management ensure that you’ll never miss another appointment. With built-in record associations you can be assured you’ll always have everything you need to succeed!

Opportunity Management

Link opportunities to entities they are related to, starting with a contact or organization (which those can be converted from leads. As it moves through your stages, use the stage, amount, close date and probability of closing to keep track of progress. In latter stages attach quotes and invoices.


Automate repetitive tasks

Save time by automating simple to complex repetitive tasks. Whether it’s sending email, creating a record, appointment, or updating a field, if there’s a set of standard conditions that can trigger for the task, then DistinctCRM’s workflow engine can automate it. And if you choose the administrator plan, we do the work for you!


From Google Contacts/Calendars, to DropBox, MailChimp, Quickbooks and more to come, DistinctCRM integrates with tools that enhance functionality, so that no matter what business calls for, you have it covered. MailChimp and Quickbooks are one time purchases for the integration and we handle the setup for you (and with you).


Whether in the office, or somewhere in the world, DistinctCRM is accessible on demand, ensuring that you have access to your data wherever an Internet connection is available (as long as your mobile phone can access the Internet you are good!).

Reporting and Analytics

Slice and dice data and compile reports that filter on anything in DistinctCRM. Use this information to drive insightful decision-making that closes the loop on your business’s processes.

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