DistinctCRM - DropBox Integration Module

The Dropbox Sync for DistinctCRM (called CloudSync) Module helps you to upload your DistinctCRM Documents to Dropbox as well as Download/share files from Dropbox to DistinctCRM Documents.

We will work with you in the setup to have the option to create Detail view widgets (CloudSync) in various DistinctCRM Modules where the Document module is related.

We will also work with you and help setup the selection of which Documents Folder they will go to for each new record created.

User can select files from Dropbox using “Select files Dropbox” button which will be presented in various Detail View Widgets. If files are selected from Dropbox, a record will be created in the Documents module and related to that current record. Logs will be stored in the Dropbox Sync for DistinctCRM Module. In case of any errors, users can see the logs and rectify the errors and then sync again. Dropbox Sync for DistinctCRM Module has a very simple User Interface that will make users sync their Documents very easily.


  • Upload/Download/Share Documents to/from Dropbox
  • We will help create Detail View widgets in all modules which are related to Documents (ones you wish to have) and create new records in the Documents module and then relate the record to current module record.
  • User can assign records when creating new record from the CloudSync Widget
  • We will assist in assigning which Document folders, created Documents should go.


One Time Fee of $69 for this module (mainly for creating application on back end to work with DropBox and setting up items)!

Some Screenshots on our DropBox Integration

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