Essentials Items

These extensions are designed to significantly improve productivity & efficiency. It provides more visibility in the views, enhanced editing capabilities as well as eliminates duplicates & forces accurate entries.

Duplicate Check and Merge

Designed to find & merge any existing duplicate records, as well as to prevent any potential duplicates. Compatible with ALL Standard & Custom Modules and fields (which can be configured to work as a ‘duplicate check fields‘). Duplicates are checked on every entry point possible including Quick Create, Summary View, Detail View, Create & Edit Views. It eliminates any possibility of errors.

We can configure any field to be a duplicate check field. Different types of Duplicate checking such as:

“Real Time (As you type)”,

“Real Time (Opening the Record)”,

“Passive/Manual (Clicking on the Icon)”, as well as

The ability to see the potential duplicates and merge them on the fly.

It supports Cross Check. With “Cross Check “, as an example: potential duplicates can be checked on Contacts & Leads module in “Email” field.

Key features that make unique:

  • Real Time (As you type) potential Duplicate Record Check
  • Automatic Duplicate checking when a record is opened
  • Ability to manually query any field for duplicates from the detail view
  • Full Edit & Create views supported
  • Duplicate checking on Quick Create
  • Real Time (As you type) duplicate prevention on Summary View
  • Duplicates displayed in an easy to understand popup
  • Ability to view possible duplicate records from the record view
  • Cross Module Duplicate Check Support (e.g. Contact.Phone > Lead.Phone)
  • Duplicate notifications on the Summary view
  • Any Standard or Custom fields can be configured and be checked for duplicates
  • Ability to Merge duplicates on the fly

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Masked Field Input

Provides the ability to apply a specific format to any field. For instance, as you type in the phone number, it would automatically re-format it to something like “(818) 495-5557”. This greatly reduces invalid entries, clutter in the database, and keeps it nice and tidy.

Comes with advanced configurations like unlimited number of fields as well as ability to create YOUR OWN CUSTOM Masked Field Inputs for serial numbers, dates, phone numbers, product numbers, etc…

Some key features that make unique.

  • Automatically re-formats Phone Numbers to the specified format
  • Automatically re-formats existing Masked Input Fields
  • Works with Full Create View, Quick Create & Summary Views
  • Allows to create your own CUSTOM Masked Field Inputs
  • Carefully Pre-configured with commonly used Phone/Date Formats

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Related and Listview Edits

Enables you to quickly and efficiently edit fields from within any Related or List-view. It supports even custom filters and views.

This feature is built to boost efficiency, so you don’t have to open a record in order to edit: instead you can do it from the related or list-view.

Key features that make unique:

  • It enables fields editing in the Related & List-view on the fly
  • We can help define which fields can be edited like this
  • Compatible with Custom & Standard Filters

Summary Widgets

Adds valuable information using customized widgets. We will work with you to create custom widgets and specify things like name of the widget, columns/fields to display, limit records (if needed) & enable or disable ability to create new records from within the widget.
It has the ability to include field level filters such as “Show me open tickets”, or “Show me closed tickets”.

Key features that make unique:

  • We will work as part of the service to create customized Widgets on Record Summary View
  • The Widgets that can be customized have:
    Custom Labels
    Limit of records to show
    Standard & Custom fields
    Add Button
    Select Button
    Filter (filter records from within the widget)
    Supports all Record Summary Views
    Supports “Comment” addition to summary views

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Advanced Global Search

Ability to execute searches on all the possible fields. Standard edition of DistinctCRM searches and queries ‘name’ fields. This upgraded feature replaces the standard search completely and enables the look up to be executed using all the standard and custom fields.
It includes the ability to specify which fields to search on and what should be the output/result fields. Global Search is compatible standard & custom modules.

Key features that make unique:
• Allows to configure search fields for more efficient searches
• Includes the ability to exclude the modules from the search (for cleaner search results)
• Highlights search terms in search result page
• Custom Email Search (displays email body)
• Search results are displayed on the page
• Works with standard and custom modules

Google Address Lookup

Efficiently and accurately enter the address using Google Maps Services. As you start typing the address, it will show all possible matches closest to your location.
It supports custom address fields, meaning that this can be configured with any field to work as ‘address lookup fields’. In addition, address lookup can be limited to specific country and it is compatible with both Detail and Edit Views.
We believe that data accuracy is one of the most important functions of CRM. This feature will simplify the process of adding the address with accuracy of Google Maps. The instant “As you Type” results increases efficiency, data accuracy & productivity.

Key features that make unique:
• Pre-configured with all Standard Address Fields
• Allows to create your own address look up fields
• Ability to map Google Maps fields into Custom Fields
• Refined search feature that can limit address search to certain Country
• Integrates with Google Maps & Routing Extension (Multiple Address Support) – see below
• Compatible with Detail & Edit/Create Views
• Displays results (possible addresses) as you type

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Quick Edits

This module is developed to give the ability of editing of related records (1:m, 1:1) when in Edit/Create view of primary record. The extension adds a “Pencil” icon next to every Relation field with which you can have editing capabilities.
Upon clicking the icon, it brings up the “Quick Edit View” (Quick Create Fields) and lets you edit & save the related records on the fly.

Key features that make unique:
• Supports all 1:m and 1:1 related fields (one to many and one-to-one)
• Adds “Edit” Icon to all relevant fields
• Enables ‘one click’ edit of the related record (Quick Create View)

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