DistinctCRM - Calenders, Events, Google Contact and Calendar Sync

Manage your meetings, to do’s, events, appointments and other items with our calendaring function. Daily, Weekly and Monthly views help see your information at a glance. Utilize the quick create of an event or to do if in a rush or use the full form option (see screenshots). Notification management will ensure you don’t miss appointments. With the built-in record association you will have everything you need.

If you’re using Gmail to manage sales operations within your organization, we’ve a good news for you. DistinctCRM offers a seamless way of syncing your calendar and contacts simply and effectively.

The tools used for sales processes are often managed on different applications. Ample amount of time is wasted if they are not working together. DistinctCRM is integrated with Google, so you can collaborate your calendar and contacts instantly. If you have other applications that can sync to Google Contacts and Calendars, then indirectly we can sync to that.

Google Calender Sync is FREE (included in the product). However we need to work with installing some back end items to make it work for you. Once setup, then you are good to go!

Some Screenshots on Calendar, Events and Google Contact/Calendar Sync

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