Google Maps Integration - DistinctCRM Premium

Route & Schedule integration with Google Maps with ability to drop pins and create routes as well as run filters/reports on nearby jobs/contacts.

Google Map Routing

This module was built to give your staff the convenience to quickly see the customers (or any other module with an address) on the map as a pin. It is also capable of creating different types of routes (Walk, Drive) as well as printing them as “directions” with an option to include the map (Identical to Google Maps). In addition, the routes can be generated either automatically or manually.

It allows you to specify Map Center (User/Company Address or Zip Code), define Radius, select address to map (Billing/Shipping) as well as pin field. In addition, the route formation can be automated for the ease.

With this module you will be able reach even more customers than you could in the past and quickly and easily access to the map. Map center and adjustable radius will help you to visualize and print your schedule.

Key features that make unique.

  • Integrates DistinctCRM and Google Maps
  • Supports Multiple Route method (Walking, Public Transport, Bicycle, Drive)
  • Supports Route on the map and directions on the page.
  • Directions/Routes can be printed with the map image or/and text.
  • Supports Automatic & Manual Routes
  • Supports custom & standard filters
  • Allows map center (User Address, Company Address, Current Location, Zip code)
  • Integrated elevation and radius control
  • Supports Multiple Addresses (Mailing, Billing, Shipping, Custom Address (Required Google Address Extension)
  • Colors the pins on the map based on the selected field.
  • Compatible with Google Earth & Map views
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

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Record Lookup by Distance/Radius

This module is built to enable users to search records by radius/distance from the zip code using the power of Google Maps. It allows users to put in a zip code and initiate the search. The results will be displayed as well as the distance of the record from within the zip code. Advanced filters, custom columns can be configured. In addition, emails can be sent to the records displayed in the results.

Key features that make unique:

  • Supports Contact Address Lookups
  • Uses Google Maps to determine distance and radius
  • Looks up Address by Zip Code and displays distances from the Zip Code searched
  • Supports Filters (Conditions & Views)
  • Supports Sending Email to the queried results
  • Supports Export to XLS, CSV, PDF(Print)
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