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Transform your record views into fully customizable forms, add custom table blocks (Excel looking), display other modules on the detail view, enable tooltips, add documenst & user list custom fields and much more!

Related Blocks & Lists

This module will enable you the display of related records on the Detail, Create, and Edit Views. We will configure which modules (Related Lists) will be displayed on the Detail/Edit Views with you and design this as part of our service at no additional charge. This module also enables you to quickly and efficiently create & update Related List records from within the primary record e.g. create/update “Contact” from Organization Detail view.

It supports two types of displays: “List” – which will display linked records in Related List manner, and “Block” which will show related records as if they were “blocks” (useful for related records that require to display more than 5-7 fields).

Key features that make unique:

  • Displays Related Lists on Detail, Edit, and Create Views
  • Includes two types of displays: Related List and As a Block
  • Allows to Edit and Create Records from Detail, Edit, and Create Views
  • Supports selection of existing records

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Table (Excel Type) Block

A very productive module with which you can design “Excel type” tables with rows & columns in a field block. Each block can be configured with different set of fields. It supports multiple table blocks per module. Plus, it works with both Edit and Detail Views (with editing capabilities).

This module encompasses the Drag & Drop functionality to reorder the rows. Moreover, you can calculate totals for currency/integer fields right within DistinctCRM.

You can set up each cell to be filled with information that you need to keep on hand, such as costs, quantities, or even addresses. You can also set each cell to have different fields, from drop-downs to check boxes to lists. This can keep all of the information you need for your company in one simple and organized location, giving you an edge when you need information quickly. Stop wasting time going through different documents, when you can have one place to turn for everything. This module you should try whenever you need information to be controlled and immediately available.

Key features that make unique.

  • Capability to create “Excel” type blocks
  • Unlimited fields& block per module
  • Supports all field types (pick-list, multi-select, currency, date, integer, relation fields, checkbox etc.)
  • Supports Pick-list dependency & Standard permissions
  • Allows ‘hover’ and full mode editing
  • Includes “Updates” section for table block changes
  • Supports PDF Maker output

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Conditional Layouts

This module provides the ability to configure unique layouts for different types of records. It allows us to work with you to systematize what fields/blocks to show based on other field values (we do this as part of our service at no additional charge). It was built using DistinctCRM Workflow capabilities and can have the ability to configure conditions as well as fields to be shown, hidden and made mandatory.

Having this ability to dynamically Show, Hide & Make Fields Mandatory will greatly improve data accuracy, efficiency, as well as user experience. For example, there’s a (checkbox) field “Married”, if the user marks it as “Yes”, it will then display additional secondary fields such as “Date of Marriage”, “Spouse Name”, etc.… whatever you have configured (with the assistance of us doing this for you as part of the service), and make them Mandatory to be filled out by the user.

Key features that make unique:

  • Control Record Layouts using field values/workflows
  • Supported outcomes: Hide Field, Make Mandatory, Make Read Only
  • Runs with workflows (Defining conditions). We work with building these with you
  • Compatible with Edit/Create & Detail Views

Custom Views Layouts & Forms

This module is designed for us to work with you and make things really shine the way you want tailor made! We will configure different views/layouts for any module with this module. It is capable of configuring multiple views for trouble tickets, e.g. “Repair Ticket” & “Support Ticket” and for both views, you can specify different sets of fields and only display the fields that apply to each type of ticket. (Supports all modules)

It converts the “+Add Module” button into a picklist type button which enhances the flexibility and options for you:  you just have to select the forms to be configured e.g. “+Add Repair Ticket” or “+Add Support Ticket”.

Key features that make unique:

  • Completely customizable screen layouts/views for any type of record
  • Once the views are customized and the record is opened, it will automatically show the right view/layout.
  • Supports all custom & standard fields
  • Ideal solution for those businesses having to deal with different types of tickets (Repair, Support, Install)
  • Supports List-views & Related Lists
  • Converts “Add Record” button into multi-purpose pick-list button
  • Workflows, filters & built in search is supported

Dynamic Blocks

This module serves a purpose of making things easier and faster for you. The module gives you the control to Show or Hide blocks on any record view. It’s extremely helpful to separate out different types of records, such as “Corporate” and “Personal” Contacts, “New Install” or “Repair” Tickets. The blocks are shown or hidden based on the Picklist field that is configured in the settings area (again we assist with you setting this up as part of the service being the administrator of the solution for you).

The module offers the configuration of unlimited number of conditions & combinations.

Key features that make unique:

  • Works with all Standard & Custom Modules
  • Configurable with Standard & Custom Picklist Fields
  • Allows multiple setups
  • Shows & Hides Blocks based on picklist values

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Hide Empty Fields

This module is handy to display only those fields that have been filled, hiding the blank fields as the name suggests. In most cases, you will likely not be going to have every single field updated, so why clutter the screen with empty fields and waste your time scrolling up and down to find what you are looking for?

We will work with you on the configuration of this to allow you to bar the fields from displays as well as configure to hide only ‘special words’ in the fields that you would like to have hidden.

Key features that make unique:

  • Hides Empty/Blank fields on Detail & Summary
  • Ability to specify characters which should be hidden, e.g. “No”, “0”, etc.
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

Field Tooltip Manager

This module is designed to enable and display helpful field tooltips on record views. We will configure with you the tooltip to be plain or rich text, as well as include images, bullet points, background and text colors. In addition, it is compatible with HTML for more advanced tooltip definitions.

This module comes with two types of previews: Popup (best used for information containing rich text, images and multiple paragraphs) and Tooltip (regular bubbled text).

Key features that make unique:

  • Compatible with Detail, Summary & Quick Create Views
  • Supports custom tooltip icons and formatting
  • Two Preview Types: Tooltip (regular) & Popup (Modal Popup)
  • Compatible with standard & custom fields & field types
  • Full HTML Support (images, bullet points, text formatting, etc.)
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

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Advanced Custom Fields

This module enables users to create advanced custom fields. It currently supports two types of fields:

HTML Description” – that is a rich text description field with ability to format text, upload images, add bullet points.

Assigned To” – which is a picklist with user list, identical to standard “Assigned To”. It also supports workflow emails to groups (assigned to).

Key features that make unique:

  • Allows us as your administrator to create Description Fields with Rich Text Capabilities
  • Supports “User List” (a.k.a. “Assigned To” custom field)
  • Unlimited number of fields
  • Supports Edit, Create, & Detail Views
  • Supports all Custom & Standard Modules

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