DistinctCRM – MailChimp Integration Module

DistinctCRM MailChimp integration is available now with more cool features like multi language support, track member with campaigns sent, track campaigns with clicks, open, bounced etc…!

DistinctCRM MailChimp Sync is a simple yet powerful premium module for DistinctCRM to sync your MailChimp Email Marketing software account.

(NOTE: We have a more basic version that is available at no additional charge and are welcome to try this version first as some clients this works for them just fine. We will provide a quick user guide for this. If more analysis is needed and features down below, then read on).

MailChimp Module provides access to connect, manage and sync your MailChimp to DistinctCRM without switching from one to another. This saves lots of time, effort and makes it easy to manage both data sets. The MailChimp Sync Module uses the MailChimp API to sync your MailChimp to and from DistinctCRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts Modules as a bi-way connector.


Some of the more recent features added:

  • Added Campaign Summary Widget in detail view with Open, Clicks, bounce etc…
  • Member Summary widget with details like Campaign Sent, Open etc… for Contacts, Accounts and Leads Detail view
  • Added Multi Language Support
  • Performance Improvement when syncing to MailChimp
  • Added more Help notes
  • Syncing MailChimp Subscribers to your Leads, Contacts and accounts.
  • Mapping list fields to your Leads, Contacts and accounts as you wish.
  • Send and receive all data changes like Contacts, Lists etc…manually.
  • User friendly module with Rich UI Experience
  • Simple to configure.
  • Well guided step by step documentation with snap shots
  • Logs will be maintained for all actions.
  • Groupings, Lists and Groups will be maintained
  • MailChimp acts as Control Panel.
  • New added workflow and Cron feature to automate tasks
  • Add/Remove record from MailChimp Lists when certain conditions met.
  • Send changes to MailChimp Lists can be done automatically.



  • Allows user to Map the Fields between Lists in MailChimp and to the Fields of Leads, Contacts, Accounts in DistinctCRM
  • User can Sync the List Contacts present in MailChimp to be synced with Leads or Contacts or Accounts using the MailChimp Settings page and by creating a text custom field in MailChimp which is explained below
  • User can add Groupings and Groups here in DistinctCRM and Sync it to MailChimp.
  • Sync selected records alone to MailChimp. In MailChimp Settings, If “Sync Selected records?” fields is set to yes, Only selected records will be sent to MailChimp. Contacts, Leads and Accounts Modules has a block at the end named as ‘MailChimp information’. You can find a checkbox field “Sync to MailChimp”.
  • After every action the changes detail things like number of contacts added, updated and failed (will be shown on Notification Area).
  • All the actions are logged in the Logs Module. In the event a sync failed, a user can see the logs and know what went wrong
  • Set OptIn checkbox on MailChimp Settings to send OptIn Mails to user when subscribing
  • Workflows used to add/remove records on certain conditions.
  • Send changes to MailChimp Lists can be done automatically.
  • Now track all campaign details like clicks, open rate etc.
  • Also member based campaign tracking for all 3 modules
  • MailChimp Groups concept included.
  • Mapping Option is available
  • Add/Remove record from MailChimp lists when certain condition met via workflow
  • Send list changes to MailChimp in batches
  • Retrieve deleted record when sync to DistinctCRM

$195 one-time fee for the module.

Some Screenshots of our Mail Chimp integration

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