Drive Results

Whether it's managing marketing program ROI at a high level, or nurturing specific lead segments with targeted email campaigns, let DistinctCRM help you segment, communicate with, and record campaign performance and engagement down to who opened what email, so that you have the information you need to make better decisions.

Contact Management

Keep leads separate from sales-ready contacts, building profiles, interaction data, and launching targeted nurture campaigns. When they’re ready to interact with sales, hand them off and automatically create an opportunity in a single click, while keeping those that still need education in your lead nurture cycle.

Campaign Tracking

Use DistinctCRM to build campaign portfolios, tracking campaign information, setting budgets, attaching documents, and associating leads to see a comprehensive view of all of your campaigns, associated leads or contacts, and performance at any time.

Full Email Marketing Automation

We are working on an new Email Automated Marketing Platform called DistinctEM. Here will be the option to do lead management, social media marketing and a more robust email marketing platform. This platform will have opens, track clicks and sending follow ups based on user decisions.

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From social media marketing, this new platform will let you build lead lists from social mentions, hashtags, keywords and more.

This new platform will track both anonymous and known leads. It will provide in-depth and detailed lead tracking like page views, time spent on site and specific interests.

Once available we will let our DistinctCRM customers know. We will, as a value to those deciding on DistinctCRM now, we will provide this solution free for a year to clients.

In the meantime, one can use campaigns and do email sending to a large list you built in campaigns. If you are running MailChimp we have the ability to sync with MailChimp (one time fee for module – see MailChimp Integration Page).

Lead Capturing

Where your leads come tells a lot. Design and embed forms on your website that automatically capture lead information in DistinctCRM, and use the workflows engine to create records, assign them to team members for follow-up and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Build and export reports that organize and filter on virtually any data inside DistinctCRM. Use it to close the loop on marketing and sales activities: improving the productivity of your business.

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