So Many Options - Where To Start!

From Attaching Multiple Documents, Pops Ups, Ability to have customers accept/reject quotes and/or invoices and pay via PayPal? Keep looking around!

Attach Multiple Documents At Once

Forget one at a time attaching of documents. This widget allows you do drag and drop multiple documents at once. In addition we can setup with you default folders within your documents area where documents will go! For example: Contacts and attaching documents, nice to streamline this and have in the documents folder for “Contacts” for better searching methods.

Accept/Reject Quotes and/or Invoices

Have the ability for your customers to accept/reject quotes and/or invoices. Once they do, have the system set that up to change the status based on this. Would it not be great to have a workflow to let you know this occurred? You Bet!

Allows PayPal Payments from Quotes and/or Invoices

Have the ability for customers to pay via PalPal on your quotes and/or invoices (PayPal API needed and can help walk your through this). Based subscription within PayPal even!

Pop Ups and Reminders

Nice to log in and get reminders right?

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Some Screenshots For Documents/Accept Reject and Paypal