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Integration with payments, heavily customizable quotes, invoices & sales orders, improved product and service lookup + templates. Calculate profits, add markups, multi discounts, display additional information on orders and much more with our extensions!

Item Detail Customizer - Advanced

This module is an enhanced version of our “Item Details Customizer” which allows users to customize Item Details (Product/Services) for Quotes, Invoices, Sales & Purchase Orders. Users can also specify new formulas for each column as well as customize formulas for Totals.

It is completely flexible and allows multiple layouts of item details section for Quotes, Invoices, Sales & Purchase Orders.

Key features that make unique:

  • Enhances Item Details section by allowing the addition of extra columns
  • Allows to reorder existing columns (Name, List Price, Total, Quantity, Net Price)
  • Supports Custom & Standard fields as Item Details Columns
  • Includes Compact view of Item Details
  • Supports all field types (Checkbox, Date, Picklist, Multi-select, etc.)
  • Maps & pre-fills values from Product & Services fields
  • Allows to make custom columns as mandatory
  • Compatible with Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Supports adding/creating columns/fields on Quote Item Details section
  • Supports adding/creating columns/fields on Sales Order Item Details section
  • Supports adding/creating columns/fields on Invoice Item Details section
  • Supports adding/creating columns/fields on Purchase Order Item Details section
  • Supports record conversion e.g. (Quote > Invoice/Sales Orders > Invoice)
  • Compatible with Convert To Purchase Order Feature (included with this edition)

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This module enables users to quickly and efficiently record multiple payments against an Invoice. It includes an intuitive calculator capable of determining the payments based on Balance or the Total Invoice Amount.

It is built to boost the efficiency & accuracy which can be achieved using the Calculator and the built-in shortcuts (Balance Amount, Quick Editing, Scheduling Payments, etc.). In addition, it supports workflows that allow reminders and notifications to be setup for the client and the accounting department.

Key features that make unique:

  • Compatible with Invoices module
  • Enables the ability to record Multiple Payments against an invoice
  • Automatically Calculates Received/Balance Amounts based on Collected Payments
    • Statuses marked as * will not be calculated towards Received or Balance
  • Intuitive Calculator improves accuracy and efficiency
    • It allows to split payments using Invoice Total or Balance with a single click
    • Supports custom %age Calculation
  • Efficiently Enhancing tools (Quick-edit based)
    • Clicking on the Balance – it will input the amount and autofill fields from the last payment
    • Clicking on the existing payment – will bring up edit mode for clicked payment
    • Collapse/Expand Description Field
  • Supports Workflows

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Product and Service Lookup

This module was designed to facilitate the creation of Quotes, Invoices, Sales, & Purchase Orders. The extension lets you type the Part Number, Category, Product Description or any other field that you configure to be the search field for Products/Services and see results without opening the popup. You can also specify different result field, such as price, description or, any standard or custom field. This eliminates the need for the extra click (popup) and increases the efficiency and accuracy of adding Products or Services to the Quote, Invoice, Sales, or Purchase Order.

Key features that make unique:

  • Works with Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders
  • Specify unlimited number of Service or Product Search Fields
  • Specify which fields should be displayed in the result section
  • Works with Standard & Custom Product/Service Fields
  • Default Configuration Includes Part Number, Product Number, Category, Service Number
  • Options to configure different settings for each module

Quotes/Invoices/Order Templates

This module is a powerful yet simplified solution that allows you to define products/services which can be reused on the quote/invoice/order at any time. If you often find yourself creating the same quotes/invoices/orders or adding the same set of items over and over again, this will be a huge time saver for you.

With merely a single click, you will be able to create a Quote/Invoice/Order Template, define the items and select the predefined template when creating a record.

Key features that make unique:

  • Unlimited Quote/Invoice/Order templates
  • Supports Quotes/Invoices/Orders
  • Templates can be assigned to individual users
  • Compatible with Products & Services
  • Description/QTY/List Price/Discount as part of the pre-defined items
  • Ability to “Lock” the price or use the latest
  • Ability to pre-configure Shipping & Tax information/mode

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Profit Calculator

When you want to figure out possible profits on Quotes, Invoices, & Sales Orders, Profit Calculator can be the best choice for you. It calculates the profits using the Product/Service Cost field. The costs can be adjusted, discounts can be applied, and the potential profit will be calculated before you save the record.

In addition, the profit is stored in a standard field which is available for reporting purposes. This feature also enables the properly converted record to purchase order, carrying over correct product cost.

Key features that make unique.

  • Displays Profits (Total/Per Item) on Quotes/Invoices & Sales Orders
  • Displays Costs (Total/Per Item) on Quotes/Invoices & Sales Orders
  • Compatible with Products and Services
  • Automatically created “Our Price” (Cost) field on Services & Products
  • Converts to Purchase Order caring over the cost and not the list price.

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Price Markup

This module will give you instant updates on price and make calculations in real time. This lets you keep up with any changes that need to be made in price on invoices, orders to or from customers, and quotes. You can customize the fields to only markup the prices on a single product or on an entire line of products. This feature is versatile and you can utilize it in your own way.

Creating quotes from your business to customers can be challenging, especially when it comes to adding in your costs. You don’t want to go too high and lose the bid, but you surely would not want to bid too low and result in loss being unable to cover your costs. One simple way to avoid that is by adding in this feature. This way, when you create a quote, you can add in your percentage right off the top to make sure you are competitive yet covered and not losing money yourself.

Key features that make unique:

  • Compatible with Invoices, Quotes & Sales Orders
  • Supports Product & Service Price Markup (%)
  • Supports individual product as well as global Markup (for the entire transaction)
  • Calculates the Markup on the spot

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Convert To Purchase Order

This module allows you to easily and efficiently convert Invoices, Quotes or Sales Orders to Purchase Orders. You will be able to select the specific products, the QTY and Vendor for the new Purchase Order.

Multiple Purchase Orders can be created at the same time. The solution is intelligent enough to avoid the creation of duplicate Purchase Orders if one has already been created.

Key features that make unique.

  • Automatically Convert all Products from the Quote/Invoice/Sales Order to Purchase Order
  • Create Multiple Purchase Orders from One Invoice/Quote
  • Auto fill Vendor based on Product Associated Vendor
  • Disable or Enable Duplicate Purchase Order Creation
  • Pick which products to add to Purchase Order
  • Manually specify the Vendor
  • Specify the QTY that will be added to the Purchase Order

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Multi Discounts

This module is one of the easiest ways to apply customized discounts based on your criteria (percentage or amount). You can add up to 10 discounts for each Product/Service as well as apply it to the entire quote. This way, you can immediately see the discounts and adjust them as necessary in real time.

Give your customers the discounts that you want them to have, and stop worrying about a complicated process or calculating and applying it manually, making it not worth your time and effort.

Key features that make unique.

  • Supports both multi percentage and dollar amount based discounts
  • Ability to configure multi types and number of discounts
  • Displays discounts in an easy to understand format
  • Supports up to 10 discounts (each time) and applies to item level as well as transaction
  • Compatible with Quotes, Invoices & Sales Orders

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Advanced Item Details

This module is developed to display additional Product & Service information on the Quote, Invoice, Sales & Purchase Order. Standard Item Details section does not usually provide enough information on the selected Product or Service. However, with this extension, you will be able to include unlimited fields from the Product and Service on the Item Details for quick and easy access to the information that matters.

This solution allows you to add & merge fields, as well as format the section using rich text editor.

Key features that make unique:

  • Designed to display additional Product/Service information
  • Editor (Rich Text/Colors) with ability to design the Item Details section
  • Capability to specify unique set of fields for each Module/Service & Product
  • Compatible with Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
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