Productivity Tools - DistinctCRM Premium

Tools that will boost your productivity, display additional information on miscellaneous views, enhance copying & pasting as well as track your time and integrate with invoices.

Time Tracker

This module is designed to quickly & easily track the time spent while working on a task. Its unique design allows to show and hide the timer within a single click without leaving the page. It also includes the ability to run multiple timers & switch between them. Custom fields, comments, & manual time tracking are also supported.

It integrates with Invoicing and allows rates to be specified for each type of “time tracking activity” as well as custom rates per client. It is compatible with Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Tickets, Projects & Opportunities.

Key features that make unique:

  • Enables users to track their time
  • The time spent & timer icon is always displayed on the header
  • Open or close time tracker with a single click without leaving the page
  • Integrates with Standard Activities (Events)
  • Option to create a comment when completing the time log
  • Allows to Pause, Stop, or Restart the timer
  • Allows to manually input Start/End Date/Time (can be restricted as well)
  • Displays list of active timers on the same popup
  • Allows to switch between timers with a single click
  • Allows to run concurrent timers at the same time
  • Compatible with Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, & Project Tasks
  • We can setup to create and show custom fields on the timer
  • Integrates with Billing/Invoicing (with a single click, you can pull in all time logs into invoice).
  • Includes the ability to specify hourly price for each time log type as well as custom rates for each client

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Calendar PopUp/Preview

This module is a highly customized module with several useful features. It allows you to quickly preview the Event information without leaving the Calendar. Easy to use tabbed popup will display linked record such as Contact, Organization, Lead & Ticket information and lets you update, delete, create, or link the existing records to Calendar Events.

It replaces the standard Event window with more enhanced modal popup with a lot more useful information.

Key features that make unique:

  • Works with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Views
  • Allows to see the linked records (Contact, Organization, Lead, Ticket, Opportunity) information
  • Allows to update linked records (Contact, Organization, Lead, Ticket, Opportunity) information on the fly
  • Allows to link existing records & create new records
  • Indicates if there’s a record attached to an Event
  • Option to send email from within the Popup
  • Opens the popup from Summary/Related list views
  • Supports default Event functionality
  • Works with all types of events
  • Can include or exclude modules

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Related Record Counts - Enhanced

This module is an upgrade to the existing related records count. This is a time saving extension that would help you to be able to see, at a glance, of how many linked records you have on the record. For instance, you can immediately see open/closed invoices you currently have on the organization, which will be displayed on the related list as “Invoices (14 / 3) “, 14 being open and 3 being closed.

Related Record Counts – Enhanced comes with an intuitive user interface, that enables you to include as many counts as needed while specifying a condition/filter for each record. In addition, you can define the colors and add “help text” for each count.

Key features that make unique:

  • Displays the number of related records on the Related List
  • Ability to configure multiple counts, e.g. Invoice (Paid – 2 / Outstanding – 3)
  • Flexible UI with outstanding features like colors & custom filters/conditions
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

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Copy/Merge To Clipboard

This module is the quickest and hassle free method to copy data from DistinctCRM to your clipboard. It’s flexible and carefully designed user interface & configuration panel will accommodate any of your formatting needs. The feature to remove empty lines/fields is a bonus plus it supports multi-line formatting as well.

If you are wondering how does it work, there is no need to be confused. Just copy the data from multiple fields into your clipboard within a single click and that’s all. A huge time saver for your team members who have to copy record data into other documents or print labels.

When trying to move information from one part of your website to another, it can be a timely and frustrating process. You have to copy and paste each individual bit of information to a new place, then find it again to put it where you wanted it in the first place. This means having multiple screens open, and a lot of wasted time. Being able to click multiple areas of information, copy those areas at the same time, and save them all to a clipboard that stays in front of you to easily see and keep track of, would make life so much easier. That’s precisely what Auto Clipboard is capable of and can do for you.
Key features that make unique.

  • Copies data into clipboard within a single click
  • Intelligent enough to remove empty lines if there was no data merged
  • We can help with configuring multipleclipboard” templates
  • Supports all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Supports Standard & Custom fields
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules
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