Project Management

Project Management is a well organized and systematically planned discipline, defined with a beginning and ending, to accomplish a successful project. Projects are designed with definite goals, tasks, resources and requires earnest efforts of group of people to deliver a specific product or a service.


Define your goals, budgets, time span and other resources to accomplish a successful project! A project is a planned work that involves specific goals, start date and target end dates, budgets, progress etc. Comments will help you to collaborate among users. You can also track the issues identified and fixed by associating projects within the Tickets module.

Project Tasks

Assign project tasks to users and track the status, progress and duration to get work done much faster! When considering a project as a whole, a project task is a piece of work allocated to a user or a group that should be accomplished within defined period of time.

Project Milestones

Create Project Milestone to describe an important event or an achievement in a project! It gives you an idea on how project is advancing.

Optional Gantt Chart Module

One important feature of every project management software is managing the tasks of each project. To do so, the most common way is to use a Gantt chart, a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule over a period.

This module (for those companies that need such an item) for project management has the capability by adding charting and project plotting.


  • Full support drag and drop
  • Select one or many projects to view their Gantt
  • Day, Week and Year view
  • Create tasks directly from the Gantt chart
  • Support for Task, Milestones and Projects

Price is $299 one time fee for this.

Gantt Chart 1 Gantt Chart for site2

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