Reports - DistinctCRM Premium

Custom reports to keep track of user activity within the system, compare records with ratio reports as well as add graphs/charts to your home dashboard.

DistinctCRM Professional Reports

This module is built to fulfill the needs of all the businesses looking to run complicated, but easy to read reports. It includes a report builder which is capable of creating detailed, summary, pivot, chart reports. All the charts and reports can be placed on the dashboard for quick & easy access.

This extension includes a lot of unique features such as a drag & drop interface, completely redesigned interface for creating reports, highlighting columns, up to 3 charts per report, both detail and chart reports added on the homepage dashboard, custom permissions, scheduled reports & much more.

Here are some of the key features that make our extension unique:

  • Completely redesigned reports with advanced functions
  • Supports Detailed, Summary, Grouped, Matrix, Pivot Reports
  • Supports Combined Modules on one Report
  • Supports Multiple levels of Grouping & Sorting
  • Supports Charts (Pie, Column, Line, Bar, Funnel)
    • Interactive charts
    • Supports up to 3 charts on one report
    • Supports multiple data points on one chart
  • Compatible with Dashboards on the Home Page
    • Supports adding charts on the home page
    • Supports adding lists/detailed report previews
  • Unique features only available on our version
    • Highlight columns on detailed reports
    • Drag & drop interface
    • Expand/Collapse filters (no more wasted space)
    • Unique design
    • Clickable/interactive homepage dashboards
  • Supports Advanced Detailed Reports
  • Supports custom permissions (Share/Private/Public)
  • Supports schedule .csv/xls/PDF via email
  • Includes Intuitive Report Builder

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User Activity/Summary Report

This module allows managers to monitor every created or updated record. It integrates with the “Updates” widget on a summary view and displays field updates, linked records (Documents, Invoices, Activities, etc..) as well as shows Comments added on the date specified.

Report produces two formats: Standard (displays changes/updates made (as a summary) underneath the record – [easier to view]) and Tabular (displays each change/update in a new row allowing to export and manipulate the data).

Key features that make unique.

  • Enables Managers to run reports on users’ daily activities
  • Supports two layers of filters (record & change/update conditions)
  • Supports Tabular format (each change/update listed as a row)
  • Supports Standard format (changes listed below the record (easier to view))
  • Supports Reporting on added Comments, Activities, Invoices, Documents, etc.
  • Supports Exporting Report
  • Integrates with Standard Permissions (for access restriction to the report)

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Ratio Reports

This module does comparisons between two reports. You take two unique reports (from Standard Reports) and it displays the ratio. The ratio is displayed in percentage as well as fraction. Each list (from report) is displayed in the Ratio Reports comparison tool.

Reports from different modules e.g. Opportunities / Leads can also be used in comparisons (different type of records).

Key features that make unique:

  • Uses Standard Reports to compare record counts
  • Allows to compare (ratio) up to two Reports
  • Allows to switch between reports on the fly
  • Shows outcome of each report (list) in the Ratio Reports
  • Supports all Custom & Standard Modules

Charts/Graphs - Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all of your stats on the dashboard when you log in? Any number you need, right at your fingertips? Thanks to this module, that’s precisely what you can do.

It allows you to use Chart/Graph report data and display it on the dashboard. It supports all types of graphs (pie, bar, line) plus you can open full reports right from the dashboard.

You can create standard or customized reports on any figure that your business requires, and display only the information you want. The rest of the information stays out of sight until you need to access it.

Key features that make unique:

  • Allows to place any Graph/Chart Report on the Homepage (Dashboards)
  • Supports All Standard & Custom Reports
  • Ability to specify which reports to display
  • Compatible with Standard & Custom Modules

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