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These functions below allow you to manage opportunities with drag & drop Kanban view and sale forecasting tools. Mind blowing proposal designer as well as a few extensions to customize quotes, invoices.

Kanban/Pipeline View

This Module allows you to easily create dynamic “cards” to visualize your workflow. Each module, e.g. Opportunities, Tickets, Tasks, Projects can be configured to have different sets of fields on the card as well as the “grouping/primary field”. Kanban view is mostly used to collaborate with teams and manage sales opportunities, tickets, projects, tasks or any other list of records.

A built-in Drag & Drop functionality is also provided within the solution that allows you to drag & drop the cards from one “Status/Stage” into the other as well as quickly update the fields on the card. Integrated filters and the ability to switch between the views will definitely make you more efficient while going through the list.

Key features that make unique:

  • Converts List-view into a Kanban/Pipeline view
  • Standard & Custom filters are supported
  • Drag & Drop functionality + Update notifications
  • Can configure “Primary Field” as well as fields to be displayed
  • Supports hover field editing on the Kanban view

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Sales/Opportunity Forecast

This module was designed to help manage and predict your organizations’ current and future opportunities. It includes the ability to view the entire company’s’ opportunities as well as drill down to each Team or User.

We help you carefully build each Sales Stage to be categorized e.g (Pipeline, Best Case, Committed, Closed, etc.) and Opportunity Type e.g (New Business, Resale, etc.) for more accurate forecasting. It also includes the ability to specify targets for each Team/User, and configure periods and personalized dashboard. Thus, you will be able to specify the dates such as range, months, quarters as well as number of periods to be displayed.

Key features that make unique:

  • Displays Opportunities in the Forecast view
  • Includes flexible “Sales Stage” (Pipeline, Best Case, Committed) Configuration
  • Includes the feature to categorize “Opportunity Type” field
  • Designing of teams/groups out of existing users
  • Ability to specify date ranges (custom dates, months, quarters)
  • Option to set targets for users & group by “Opportunity Type”
  • Includes custom speedometer dashboards
  • Intuitive & Responsive user interface
  • Supports Team forecast and individual users
  • Allows to drill to down to individual users & teams

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Doc Form Designer/Digital Signature

This module is the ultimate sales tool for document automation. We extend the power of DistinctCRM and give you everything you need to turn your leads into clients and close deals faster.

No need to switch between word processors, CPQ tools, e-signing apps, and your inbox. DistinctCRM Proposal & Document Designer lets you create sales documents, employ dynamic quoting, get electronic signatures, and automate your workflow!

It can be used to create versatile content like extensive proposals, quotes, invoices, sales orders, surveys, feedback forms, update return forms (e.g. ask a user to fill in a form via email. When he/she does, the relevant database information in DistinctCRM gets updated.

Key features that make unique:

  • Supported Modules: Quotes, Invoices, Sales & Purchase Orders, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, Project Tasks & Milestones, Leads & Contacts (plus all the related modules).
  • Includes an amazing customer facing interface to view & digitally sign generated documents.
    • Two completely customizable buttons (Accept, Decline, Request for More Information, Etc….)
    • Interactive fields (checkbox, date, initials, signature, plain text)
    • Custom online document background
    • Captures & Updates information back to DistinctCRM once the document has been updated (fields)
    • Additional Documents/Attachments
    • Special Notes
    • Table of Contents
    • Export to PDF
    • Mobile Friendly
  • Includes Professional Document Designer for Quotes, Invoices, Sales & Purchase Orders, Opportunities, Tickets, Projects, Project Tasks & Milestones, Leads & Contacts!
    • Extensive editing capabilities (Editor)
    • Easy to use/drag and drop interface
    • Page breaks, tables, separators, headings, cover pages, header/footer, text, Table of Contents, images, bullet points, etc…
    • Simplified “Item Details” section design & layout (Quotes/Invoices/Sales Orders)
    • Merge fields from any supported or related module
    • Ability to View & Edit Source Code of the template.
    • Email Templates
    • Export to PDF
  • Includes Professional tools within DistinctCRM to automate the process
    • Workflows (schedule and send designed documents using standard workflows)
    • “See the document as your recipient sees it” (view the document before it goes out)
    • Send the document to multiple people/email addresses
    • View Signed Documents
    • Schedule workflow to be notified when the document has been signed or rejected

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Item Detail Customizer

This module is programmed to allow users to add custom columns/fields to Quotes, Invoices, Sales/Purchase Orders Item Details section (Products/Services). It supports standard & custom fields as well as all the types (Picklist, Multi-Select, Date, Checkbox, etc..).

It enables you to reorder existing Item Detail columns and set the custom columns as mandatory & pre-fill from the product/service fields. Upon record conversion e.g. Quote > Invoice, the custom columns will be transferred properly.

Key features that make unique:

  • Enhances Item Details section by allowing to add extra columns
  • Allows to reorder existing columns (Name, List Price, Total, Quantity, Net Price)
  • Supports Custom & Standard fields as Item Details Columns
  • Supports all field types (Checkbox, Date, Picklist, Multi-select, etc.)
  • Maps & pre-fills values from Product & Services fields
  • Allows to make custom columns as mandatory
  • Compatible with Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Supports record conversion e.g. (Quote > Invoice/Sales Orders > Invoice)

Compatible with Convert To Purchase Order Extension (included in this premium)

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Cell Center

This module is designed to allow semi-automated call scheduling. It integrates with Campaigns and allows calls to be scheduled for Leads, Contacts, & Organizations. It supports multi user assignments (spreading the calls across multiple agents) with an advanced logic (calling their own versus random leads). Each campaign is summarized by Calls Scheduled/Completed & Opportunities Created.

Calendar Popup comes with this which allows you to see all the necessary information (Call Details, Contact, Lead, Organization, Opportunity) on a single screen popup. Users can be forced to make calls as well as snooze them.

Key features that make unique:

  • This feature is being actively developed – please contact us for more details. Is still available just in road map development to keep upgrading
  • Includes “Calendar Popup” extension
  • Calendar Popup allows to view & edit related Contacts, Leads, Organizations, Opportunities from within the calendar view
  • Integrates with DistinctCRM Campaigns and schedules calls against them
  • Supports calling to Contacts, Organizations, and Leads
  • Allows to schedule calls for multiple users, set date & time.
  • Includes a Preview before scheduling the calls
  • Includes User Summary (Calls Scheduled, Completed, Pending, & Opportunities Created)
  • Includes “Update Log” which consists of all the reschedules
  • Supports two types of Campaigns (call their own or other’s leads)
  • Includes an icon with number of calls scheduled for the day
  • Supports ability to force calls without ability to close popup
  • Includes automated reminder (every X minutes) for the agent to call if on idle.

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