Delight More Customers

Great customer service means staying on top of customer requests in various stages, across a number of channels. Provide a great customer experience by using DistinctCRM tools to aggregate and track all your requests, access and update them from anywhere, and to professionalize the face of your customer service organization.

Support Case Management

Whether you handle customer service or support cases via email, over the phone, or directly through DistinctCRM, DistinctCRM’s ticket management system gives you a single place to collaborate and keep track of the issues that matter most to your customers. Additional features allow you to automatically create tickets from emails, and to notify your team and update records as changes occur.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Impress customers with a professional, tailored self-service portal. They can see recent quotes, invoices, documents and more. They can communicate and submit requests for support enabling a more personal relationship. New is ability for customer to approve quotes and even invoices. Ability to pay through PayPal on an invoice as well. Events even related to them can be seen as well.

Project Management

Ensure that account owners have visibility into customer projects by using DistinctCRM to build and track projects and details including budgets, milestones, tasks, and resource assignments. DistinctCRM document management systems and workflows also integrate seamlessly to allow for automatic notices and the attachment of files to project tasks. Option for Gantt charting (see in detail area).

FAQ Knowledge Base

Eliminate repeat customer questions and empower your team to provide better, faster service by building a knowledge base that customers can access through the customer portal, or your team can access directly in DistinctCRM.

Performance Level Reporting

Identify trends and drivers in your support organization, building reports that show tickets by their state, priority, and much more. Close the loop on your entire business’s operations by using support reports to improve your support organization’s performance, or your business’s product and service performance.

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