Veteran Not-For-Profit Organizations

Near and Dear To Our Hearts!

Why we are doing this!

Our founder and CEO is an Army Veteran and currently serving as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Arizona Army National Guard.

From Our Founder:

“Knowing many Veterans and current National Guardsmen, I am proud of those that have sacrificed in many ways. Some gave their all! I have decided to create a goodwill program where 20% of our net profits will go back on a quarterly basis to Not-For-Profit Veteran organizations. Our efforts will start in Arizona as this is where we are home based. When deciding which organizations to work with, we are concerned on how much actually goes back to benefit the Veterans themselves (instead of say 90% of monies raised goes to the organization and only 10% of monies go to benefiting actual Veterans – we will not work with as an example).”

In addition, Veteran owned companies will receive a discount on our service as a way of thanking them for their service. This ecosystem of Veteran owned companies being our clients and knowing a portion of those monies is going back to Veteran Not-For-Profits is a win-win and our reason for being in this business!

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